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Dear Friends and family

Thank you for your trust and support.

During these last few years where we faced and are still facing really trying times, I can really say that every hour is grace and I feel gratitude in my heart towards every one of you that did not quit on us.  Thank you for your loyalty as a customer. It means the world to us.

I am beyond grateful for every one of you, because all of you made it possible for us to strive again.

Our love for travel will never go away. We can now again breath and all enjoy seeing the world again.  Africa is an amazing and healing place for your soul. We need to travel now more than ever before. Life is so short.

We will continue to be your guide and your friend in all these adventures and hope that you will continue to trust us to make your travel dreams a reality. Now that my daughter is part of the team, we can go forward with even more strength and hard work to make your trip a lifelong memory.

May this festive season and the spirit of Christmas infuse your life and those of your family members with hope, positivity and joy.





From all of us at AFRICAN DREAMS

Shows that we will attend in 2023 will follow soon. Because of the Covid situation there is a lot of uncertainty about dates etc.  We will how ever for sure see you all in the new year.

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