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We are a unique and extraordinary safari operator offering unforgettable experiences in Africa. With a passion for the continent and a commitment to providing exceptional service, African Dreams Photo Safaris takes travelers on a journey through colorful landscapes, incredible wildlife encounters and fascinating cultural immersions. Whether you are a lover of classic safaris, a private adventurer off the beaten path, or a person who wants to explore the tribal cultures and rituals of Africa, African Dreams Photo Safaris offers a variety of options to suit your preferences. Located in Alberta, Canada, African Dreams Photo Safaris ensures that every traveler feels like a VIP wherever they go. With a mix of excitement, elegance, enchanting surprises and unusual luxury, this is an experience like no other. Furthermore, African Dreams Photo Safaris has a passionate ideology of giving back to the land they love and serve. If you are looking for a photo safari experience that combines adventure, luxury and cultural immersion, African Dreams Photo Safaris is the perfect choice.

Elaine Ness

I was born in beautiful NAMIBIA , the smile of Africa. Although I did not grow up on a farm or in nature, I always had this intense love and appreciation for animals and nature. Nature was my safe place, as a child and still today, but I never in my wildest dreams thought that my love will become my lively hood one day. How many people can say that? 
I am involved in the tourism industry since 1991 and run and owned my own lodge in Namibia for several years. 
My life took a sudden change in 2012 and I moved to Canada. My love for Africa just grew bigger and I could not stop living my dream. I started “AFRICAN DREAMS PHOTO SAFARIS INC.”  We customize tours all over Africa depending on your individual needs and budget. There is nothing we cannot do. 
I created this company, because I know the African Continent intimately. I was born there, I lived there most of my life and even living overseas now, I still cannot get enough of Africa. I return more than once a year, because of the love, passion and need I have for this place and to refresh my knowledge of this very special continent. 
Let’s say, my love affair with Africa is deeply rooted. 

Rayno Egner DCVP 2015414.jpg

Why us?

My dream and passion is to connect people with nature and a timeless part of themselves.  
I want to take you out of your routine and offer you freedom where you can relax and become one with nature.  

  • I handle all the details; all you have to do is show up. 

  • I customize every trip for your needs and budget. Most of the places I send you to, I have visited myself. 

  • I have my own tour guides that put me in a position of only being a phone call away when you need me. 

  • I can play around with your budget because this is my business, and my passion to show you this continent outweighs the financial aspect of this business. 

  • We are impartial and not married to any particular company, lodge or camp. 

  • You get a personal experience talking to just me every time you call. 

  • Your safety is our top priority

  • You get treated as a VIP because you deserve perfection. 

  • You are going to learn, escape reality, explore, relax, and be transformed after a safari with us. 

  • I am from Africa, and we love and know Africa, what more can you ask for? 


What more could you ask for in a travel company? 


We are a passionate team who love Africa and seek to provide the best photo safari experience possible. Our guides are experienced, friendly and passionate about African wildlife and culture. They are trained to ensure the safety and comfort of our clients, as well as providing valuable information about local wildlife and culture. We strive to create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere so that our guests feel comfortable taking photos and enjoying every moment of their photo safari experience.

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